The eyes say it all

The eyes say it all

The Inconvenient Truth about Technology

Mobile phones, IPods, GPS’s, battery operated vehicles, the World Wide Web, electronic temperature controls, master telescopes, electronic mail, mini notebook laptops, satellite television, lifesaving medical machines, and the list is infinite. These phenomena are what the 21st century is all about.

Yes, technology can be regarded as hunky-dory, but unfortunately, human beings continue to reveal their incapability of distinguishing between a brilliant invention with good intentions and one powerful enough to wipe out the entire human race. But then again, can we blame Einstein for picking at theories and information that designed the atom bomb without him even knowing about it?

I regard technology as good as ticking time-bomb. Have you ever heard of the term, “NANOBOTS?” –Tiny, minute robots that I like to call; man-made antibodies that serve as a fighting mechanism against foreign organisms in the human body. It is a very good concept, I won’t lie, however what happens when someone decides to turn NANOBOTS into Destruction-BOTS to inflect pain and kill one another?

I recall the movie I-ROBOT, starring Will Smith; the director demonstrated the ‘inconvenient’ future of robots. The Chinese are well on their way when it comes to robots. We are just too naïve to realise the consequences of a how powerful such a technology, in the hands of a criminal could be.

Call me a pessimist, but I believe we are currently at the brink of a technological-disaster. The breaking point of the “good-old” technology.  It can only get worse from here onwards.

But on a lighter note, why not enjoy the benefits of such a ravishing evolution?

Take for example a paralyzed lady living in New York. She uses her mind to control a robot arm in order to complete her everyday tasks. Exceptional, if you ask me.



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