The eyes say it all

The eyes say it all


Interested in, Relationship status ....These are things that people see on social networks before you even come in contact with them. The world has become so self obsessed with their  "Web Page" which ever it may be , that they themselves lose the basic aspects of what makes them the UNIQUE person they are.The world has lost the basic steps in revealing the TRUTH of who the real person is!!

"The Page" , which I shall call the social network such as My Space, Twitter and Facebook we use to describe, analyse, socialise and share aspects of ourselves. Resorting in commenting on other's lives and finding the courage that would never be shown in a face to face situation.


Now let me ask you this......Have you ever questioned yourself , is the person behind "The Page" the real person they may portray ? Where within the world of social media the reality and fantasy have become intertwined and we seem to live in an illusion of what is true and false.

The creator of Facebook " Mark Zuckerberg," preaches the word of privacy, but with the ever changing so-called privacy enhancements, for some reason people are still finding loop holes within the system and access other peoples "Pages" and lives. Taking what they need, leaving no trace of entry and creating the illusion of innocence. This leads to Identity Theft  and the innocent users who post their actual information about themselves are taken advantage of. Unfortunately these people are subject to this and there's only so much they can do.


Identity theft is an ever increasing threat to our society, SO OPEN UP YOUR EYES.........

11312582, White; KC



The Inconvenient Truth about Technology

Mobile phones, IPods, GPS’s, battery operated vehicles, the World Wide Web, electronic temperature controls, master telescopes, electronic mail, mini notebook laptops, satellite television, lifesaving medical machines, and the list is infinite. These phenomena are what the 21st century is all about.

Yes, technology can be regarded as hunky-dory, but unfortunately, human beings continue to reveal their incapability of distinguishing between a brilliant invention with good intentions and one powerful enough to wipe out the entire human race. But then again, can we blame Einstein for picking at theories and information that designed the atom bomb without him even knowing about it?

I regard technology as good as ticking time-bomb. Have you ever heard of the term, “NANOBOTS?” –Tiny, minute robots that I like to call; man-made antibodies that serve as a fighting mechanism against foreign organisms in the human body. It is a very good concept, I won’t lie, however what happens when someone decides to turn NANOBOTS into Destruction-BOTS to inflect pain and kill one another?

I recall the movie I-ROBOT, starring Will Smith; the director demonstrated the ‘inconvenient’ future of robots. The Chinese are well on their way when it comes to robots. We are just too naïve to realise the consequences of a how powerful such a technology, in the hands of a criminal could be.

Call me a pessimist, but I believe we are currently at the brink of a technological-disaster. The breaking point of the “good-old” technology.  It can only get worse from here onwards.

But on a lighter note, why not enjoy the benefits of such a ravishing evolution?

Take for example a paralyzed lady living in New York. She uses her mind to control a robot arm in order to complete her everyday tasks. Exceptional, if you ask me.




People I was born in the analogue era and to be frank this whole didgital thing is becoming a bit scary. I remember a time when i was my dads remote and all he had was to slap me on the head and boom the channel was changed. I remember a time when phone could only sms and make a phone call and was a size of a brick, it was once used as weapon. I remeber a time when I had to catch 3 taxis and a train just so i could go to the mall to get the new JAY-Z album and new trainers and by the time i got back home they were already outdated. My girlfriends dad is very tall 6.1'' it fells like an eclipse when he comes near you but not only cause of his height but also because of size he was a wreslter and i was a nerd and he found me with his sweet daughter outside his gate and gave me the punch of my life....gone are those days cause there is facebook and whatsapp and a whole lot more.

My point is this, the world has changed at such a fast rate, i only found out about the "iPAD" a week ago, a so called electronic clipboard. I can buy the latest music, clothes, gadgets, cars and get this even a house on the internet. i Can talk to someone in japan in the now timeand conduct and make an important decision that affacts my company in South Africa when im in America, this is just to much and just when you think you have heard it havent. They are creating a robbot that takes the role of your girlfriend. It cooks ,cleans, washes and warms your bed.....and doesnt even talk back..CAN YOU IMAGINE!!!. It will only say something if she maybe needs need a software upgrade in which she says, "I NEED TO DOWNLOAD MY DATA ON YOUR RAM CAUSE IM HAVING A PROBLEM REOOTING" some might say it talks dirty.

Where are the ethics I ask????


Kumalo. A


e-marketing, helpful or harmful?

Over the last decade or so businesses have made use of the internet far more than before, with some relying on it almost completely in order to get their products sold to the public. But along with this technological advancement come some rather disheartening facts.

For me personally i feel that with so much advertising on all the websites i visit, it becomes overwhelming and ot eventually gets to the point where i will switch the computer off because i cant take the pain of all of these businesses and gimics trying so desperately to get me to reach into my wallet and give them some if my hard earned money dor something i probably won't even enjoy using!!

Don't get me wrong im all for enjoying a good advert but all in moderation you know, and not while i'm getting my daily internet fix, wait for me to sit down and relax in front of the TV, or wait for me to get in my car  before trying to sell me something, maybe then you will get a positive response out of me.

I know that some of you though will not share my same opinion on this matter and that's fine, but then can't we invent some device that will make these silly pop up creatures end up on your webpage and not mine? 

e-marketing im sure has had many many many many positives but unfortunately to me i only see the negatives that it brings, taking me away from having all my attention set on my browsing, i maintain that these adverts should only appear to those who are INTERESTED!!!

T Thomson


Social Networks, a Booo or Whooo?

Facebook, MySpace, Twitter...a few of the biggest time consuming activities we are slaved to everyday. So when is too much, really too much?


Cliché, I know...but according to DiscoveryNews taking away these "social drugs" for just a day will lead to withdrawal, as proven by a test done on 200 students from the University of Maryland. Teens constantly consumed by a phone, laptop or Ipad scrolling through the latest updates, gossip or unflattering pics of an arch enemy with a nasty grin of satisfaction. A British psychologist Aric Sigman says that social media will be the downfall of interpersonal-relationships and the ability to communicate face-to-face. So in other words, we will become zombie robots who only talk to our cats and weird looking avatars. Defenitely a boo!


But if it is so bad why do we make more time to use these social networking sites than hanging out with our friends? University researchers in Milan did a study on 30 students monitoring their blood pressure, heart rate and brain reactions while using social networking sites. The results were surprising to say the least, they found that the students experienced high levels of attractiveness and arousel while spending time on these sites. Call it cybersex with yourself if you will? On the scale of good and bad there seems to be a balance, depending on your personal and apparently sexual prefrence?  


So the question still stands: Social Networks, a Booo or Whooo?

CJ Oosthuizen


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